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I used to own a 1965 Lincoln- it came down with multiple electrical drains and I sold it for $500 in 1987


released June 7, 2019

Zelda Starfire and the Randy Hicks Band
written by Zelda Starfire -dobro and vocals
Paul Dillon on stand up bass
Jerk Gabe on drums
Jenny Hill on violin

Recorded and engineered by Steve Feasley in Love Studios Seattle


all rights reserved



Zelda Starfire Seattle, Washington

Hold my beer while I drop this album

Wommando One Woman Band
Children's Original and Folk Music


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Track Name: 65 Lincoln
Looks so slick and I feel so cool
I drive by and all the boys drool
checkin out the rear to the top to the floors
Checking out the Lincoln with suicide doors
Her Birthday's 1965
Cars were meant to last a long time
Tough and experienced she's long and she's wide
I can't sell her yet but I'll give you a ride
Track Name: Ding A Dang Thang About Cars
Ya I know a dingadang thing- you know I know a dingadang thing you bet i know a ding a dang thing
ya I know 'bout cars (x2)

If I hear a little noise I never heard before
I turn up the radio -that is what it's for.....

I can change my oil, I can fix a flat
I stand by the roadside
Someone stops LIKE THAT.....

Chevy Ford or Subaru, ask me what is better
This is what I say to you
I don't thnk size matters
Track Name: Car Parts
You can keep your diamond ring and I don't like it when you sing and you can go on keep on breakin' hearts- if you really want me- I mean really really want me- all i want for Christmas is car parts

All all i want for Christmas is Car Parts
Its the only way to jump start my heart
Is it too much to want a starter and a clutch
All I want for Christmas is Car Parts

You can give me flowers but what I want is power
I need my ignition to start
If you really want me- I mean really really want me
all I want for Christmas is car parts

All I want for Christmas is car parts
Only thing that can jump start my heart
you want love in your gasket
well you best get me a gasket
All i want for Christmas is car parts

You can wine me in a a restaurant
You can kiss on me all you want
if you really want to check my points
I need a drive shaft and a universal joint

All I want for Christmas is car parts
only thing that jump starts my heart
want to rev my motor? I need a cap and a rotor
All I want for Christmas is car parts......
Track Name: OLD FORD
There's always somthing wrong with his
Sometimes its a blowin smoke sometimes the lifter's stuck
He says' "Baby say a little prayer, then it runs just fine
That old Ford stays alive for a long long time

It's not as nice and cozy as the newer ones are
The heater it don't work no more but it goes twice as far
My Baby drove it over the Mountain Pass so Blue
Wore his carharts and his coat and his long johns too

I can tell my baby when he pulls up outside
I can tell my Baby apart from other rides

The hole in the seat is from when he swerved and missed a deer
His elbow hit me in the nose when he was shiftin' gears
Ther's rust - it's a creepin along the outside
Inside's full of kisses in his cab so big and wide


There's always somthing wrong with his truck
I'm never ever worried about us gettiing stuck
My Baby knows how to fix just every little thing
When He takes me for a ride my heart begins to sing

When he picks me up we always makes a stop
He gets us a coffee or a big grape soda pop

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